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Dj Construction LLC provides a variety of door hardware and replacements parts to residential, commercial.

  • Adjustable Multi-Size Surface Mounted Closers and Controls
  • Fixed Size Surface Mounted Door Closers
  • Fixed Size Overhead Concealed Door Closer for the store front doors,
  • Fixed Size Floor Mounted Door Closers
  • Adjustable Multi-Size Floor Mounted Door Closers
  • Fixed  vertical rods and latches strikes  and rims exit device
  • “Free-Swing” Retrofit Hardware for Concealed Door
  • Install electronic hardware ,strikes mag doors holders
  • Dorma® Floor Mounted Door Closers
  • Commercial Door Locks, Hinges, And Thresholds.
  • LCN Closers and Accessories
  • Mail Boxes install and repair .
  • Complete  doors and frames custom fit weld and repair .
  • Security Solutions,Surface Mounted Door Control Hardware

Door Styles

Hollow metal doors are perfect for school entrances, warehouses, buildings for manufacturers, emergency exits, courtrooms, office buildings, apartments, military installations, airports, and hotels
Please call us now at 206 788 6718  for a free quote on our metal door repair and installation services, or just for more details. You can also fill out the quick submit form at right for a free quote on our services.

Hm Frames

Drywall frames are available in 18, 16, or 14 gauge cold-rolled steel. These frames are manufactured to provide clean, sharp lines, rigid corner construction and fine miter lines on all joints. They are designed to go into an opening after the wall is up, and they are available to accommodate practically any wall thickness. All frames receive a factory baked-on coat of rust inhibitive primer, and are also available with factory baked-on enamel. (Request our paint selector card.) They can be used in drywall construction using steel studs, wood studs or laminated boards. Frames are available for either 1-3/8″ (35) or 1-3/4″ (44) thick doors.

offers pre-engineered, knock-down (KD) drywall frames with face dimensions of 1-1/2″ (38) or 1-3/4″ (44).

Frame sizes are to match door sizes, in any combination of singles or pairs. Non-standard width or height frames are available on special order. Double-rabbet profiles are available with 4″ face heads.

Barn Door Hardware

Woodgrain Doors’ new Barn Door Collection is the perfect fit for modern, contemporary, and rustic applications. Built upon our superior, quality craftsmanship, each barn door features a ¾” panel design to highlight the definition and elegance of the v-groove design. The mulls in each layout are full thickness and engineered to meet flush with the stiles and rails to provide a unique combination of beauty, strength and durability. Barn Doors allow you the flexibility to enhance an entire room with a unique accent piece while also adding more functionality to your space. From master suites to pantries, barn doors give you the flexibility to customize your space.

Entry Door Parts